Deribit is a cryptocurrency exchange offering options and futures.
This exchange is based in Panama and it supports users from most Countries around the world.

Deribit offers call and put options with up to 10x leverage available and options can be traded or held until expiry (European Style).

Deribit offers advanced order types, trading reports and has a test trading platform where it is possible open a free account charging virtual BTC, ETH and USDC.

1. Option-Guard for the Deribit testnet Platform

New to Crypto Options? Deribit provides a free test-trading platform that has the same interface of the operational one and is an excellent place to practice placing orders without risking any real funds.

Now we are proud to release, for free after registering in the Download page, the full operational Option-Guard Software for the Deribit testnet platform, at the moment working only with PC from Windows 10 – 64 bit, utilize the Deribit API interface monitoring the open BTC and ETH Options.

It is very easy to use Option-Guard:

  1. Login in Deribit testnet platform and open the desired Options positions.
  2. Start Option Guard Software.
  3. Login in Option-Guard with the Deribit account email and personal API Key.
  4. After the Login Open-Guard connects to Deribit showing all the open Option positions including the Last Price and R.O.I.
  5. For every position, thanks to Option-Guard high flexibility, it is possible to place “Market” or “Limit” “Stop Loss” or “Take Profit” also with partial quantity.
    It is also possible to put both “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” with or without O.C.O. (One Cancel Other).
  6. Immediately Option-Guard starts to monitor the Last Price in the Deribit Order Book updating continuosly the Open Positions and when the set condition is reached Option-Guard puts the closing order in Deribit.

It is possible in every moment to cancel or modify the “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” parameters.

2. Option-Guard for the Deribit operational Platform

We expect to release the “Paid version” of Option-Guard that will operate on the Deribit operational platform and surely this will become your irreplaceable tool for successful crypto option trading.